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UI vs UX what’s the Difference?


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February 21, 2023

UI vs UX what’s the Difference?

The user interface (UI) is concerned with the series of screens, visual elements, buttons and icons, and pages of a product. These elements of UI designing make it possible for people to interact with services and products. User Experience (UX) on the other hand is concerned with the internal experience of people as they interact with a product or service.


UX designing is mostly about identifying and solving user problems, whereas, UI design is concerned about creating intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing, engaging interfaces. Both these design elements tend to rely on each other, however, there is absolutely no overlap between them. They are both separate, and have different roles and responsibilities. They involve a very varying skill of sets, and yet, are still integral to each other’s success.

However both UX and UI design elements are essential for a product’s success, there are some key differences between them. Hopefully this blog has to some extent cleared up the long-standing confusion around UX and UI for you. UI designing is a crucial sub-element of UX. They both share the same end goal of providing a positive experience for the user, but UI designing besets a whole separate element of the journey.



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