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eLearning Software Development Services

Since 2015, Celestials Technologies has been building eLearning solutions that drive digital transformation of corporate learning resulting in human capital ROI growth. Celestials Technologies team is ready to streamline your corporate learning with technology or modernize your current eLearning software.

Our Goal Towards E-learning 

The goal of eLearning development is creating tools like LMS, LCMS, and LXP to help orgs increase learning efficiency and cut learning costs. Custom enterprise LMS helps automate eLearning processes from course enrollment to knowledge assessment. It offers a rich toolset for enterprise managers to track employee learning progress and makes eLearning engaging due to social and gamification features.

We Know Your Industry

Celestials Technologie’s team accumulated profound knowledge of challenges, technologies, trends, and regulations in 30+ industries. This helps us create truly beneficial apps and do it as fast as possible. We employ the proven combination of the latest and classic trusted technologies to build your product.




Banking and Financial Services



Oil and Gas


Logistics and Transportation


Learning content development and management

Multiple content types (e.g., text, images, video, audio, AR/VR). Built-in content authoring (e.g., eLearning course development). Learner-generated, third-party, and corporate content aggregation. Reusable content and templates. Content tagging and intelligent search. Support of technical standards like SCORM, AICC, xAPI and LTI.

Learning process administration and delivery

Support of various types of learning (instructor-led online learning, blended learning, microlearning, self-paced learning, and more). Automated enrollment to courses based on job roles, required skills, learning history, etc. Learning event scheduling (e.g., trainings, workshops, exams).

Latest Social features of eLearning software

Learners’ profile pages. Learning communities. Discussion boards, chats and forums for learners. Interactions with content via likes, shares, comments. Gamification (scores, badges, leaderboards, levels, rewards). CRM. HR software. Content management systems.

Daily Analytics and reporting of learning using our software

Learning history. Learners’ feedback gathering. Content usage, user activity, and performance assessment dashboards. User regulatory compliance reporting. Knowledge management systems. Task management software. Video conferencing software.

See How You Benefit from Partnering with Us

Excellent software quality

- due to our quality-first approach to service delivery based on a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

Fast delivery

- of a viable MVP (within 3-5 months) due to agile iterative development and applying CI/CD practices.


- due to using OOTB software components, public APIs, and cloud-native architectures and continuous project cost optimization by our PMs.

Awards and Achievements

We are proud to be recognized as a top service provider by these platforms.