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Industrial Software Development Services

Get Reliable and Cost-Efficient Industrial Software. We have Diverse Experience  in IT and have 5 years  experience in the industrial Software Development. Celestials Technologies provides Industrial software development and evolution services to create applications for Factories, automobiles, oil and gas, petrolium etc.

VR Adoption and its Architecture in Automotive Industry

Virtual reality software allows reducing the costs of R&D and manufacturing, increasing sales, and minimizing driving risks by moving prototyping, showcasing, and test driving to the virtual realm. The key drivers of the increasing automotive VR popularity are technological advancement and the need to reduce engineering costs.

Use Cases of VR in the Automotive Industry

VR for Vehicle Prototyping

With VR, there’s no need to spend time and effort on the complicated process of building bulky physical prototypes. Virtual prototyping also simplifies research and development, speeds up the design process, and reduces the number of adjustment rounds, thus significantly cutting the costs on the entire pre-manufacturing cycle.

VR for Auto Showrooms

Virtual reality technology can become a sales-boosting mechanism for car manufacturers and dealers. They have the opportunity to raise online sales via virtual showrooms, where potential customers will inspect 3D cars’ exterior and interior and have a test drive – all without leaving their homes.

VR for Training in the Automotive Industry

Virtual reality training software is useful for both manufacturing and after-sales. It can be a part of original equipment manufacturers’ corporate training programs to ensure quick onboarding and proficiency matching a brand image. VR training can also be an offer to potential car buyers, who would appreciate effective and safe VR driving lessons on specific car models

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