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Major Reasons Why Software Failure Occurs?


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February 21, 2023

Major Reasons Why Software Failure Occurs?

The development process of software plays a very important role in software failure. According to the research, 14% of all software projects fail and this articulates that even though the software industry is continuously growing and evolving, a good chunk of software projects still don’t pan out outright.


To prevent a software failure, all key requirements of it should be communicated to the development team right at the start of the project. The research found that 55% of IT specialists complained that most software projects fail as a result of insufficient resources, staff, time, and management. A good project manager is essential to all projects. Without a competent PM, it is unlikely that any team will meet its deadlines effectively. One of the main reasons behind software failures is the fact that IT teams agree upon milestone dates without thorough research and analysis.

The key element of a software project is the team working on it. Their expertise and motivation highly determine the success or failure of a software development project. It is extremely crucial to understand the end customers and their requirements. Software developers can’t deliver a good user experience, if they don’t understand who the actual user is and what he wants. When you do not involve users/clients in the discovery phase, it will result in software failure.



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