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We Build Breakthroughs in Tech-Products.

Empowering you to achieve what you want in the best way possible.

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Delivering software products beyond expectations

Work with our top engineers to develop world-class products within budget & on time.

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We bulid teams that build your software

Your partner for incredible web applications.

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Our Core Values

We believe in our core Values





Our Mission

We build teams that build your software

Celestials Technologies has a team of passionate professionals, developers as well as designers, with acute skills and refined expertise in their niches. Our team has always backed itself to push the boundaries and create not just a solution, but a digital picture that echoes with it’s brand, by leveraging their technological discernment.

Your partner for web & mobile applications

Celestials Technologies is a Web and Software development company that have made their aim to deliver the most efficient and cost-competent web & mobile app development services out there in the market. The firm has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for services like strategy, design, development, web app service and marketing while helping businesses save time and resources by finding the right technology partner in them.

Requirements & Analysis

Requirement analysis is accomplished by the senior members of the team with inputs from the clients.

Project Planning

Project planning is accomplished from the inputs from the customers. The project is designed with all information.

Coding & Implementation

In this stage the actual development starts. Product is build as defined in the requirements phase.

Testing & Deployment

Testing of the software is necessary and all the defects are Identified and fixed and then deployed.

What We Offer

Our Expertise

We are exceptional in providing innovative solutions and development services that drive business performance.

Custom Software Development

We work with small and medium orgnizations to build right customized software solutions that deliver results for business.

Web App Development

Custom built web applications with amazing user experiences & vigorous backend architectures that help support your business goals.

Mobile App Development

Build mobile applications with amazing, highly functional, super fast, optimized and great user experience and design following the latest market trends.

Client Satisfiction

Premium Clients

We provide value to your business by creating professional applications and delivering amazing results.

Product Development

Increase your business digitally with the help of our Product Development services. Our web developers have exceptional expertise in popular web integrations.

Web Development

Our professional web developers develop amazing websites that pull the crowd. We get your business details and build the code according to business trends.

App Developement

Building huge business and consumer apps means not only creating amazing user experience but also taking architecture, technical design and security into consideration.

Software Development

Custom built web applications with best user experiences & latest web technologies that help grow your business goals. We can help with design and development.

Our Services

What we offer

We provide flawless models that leverage our expert knowledge of what works best for the majority of our clients’ established set of services.

Fixed Price Projects

We know what you certainly looking for. We plan and deliver, the product over multiple targets for a fixed price which will be helpful for both of us.

Dedicated Development Teams

We perfectly match a dedicated team with your requirements. They can work using your development process and with your existing teams.

Agile Discovery Workshop

This is in no doubt, the fastest way to collect & analyze your requirements and take your product from imagination to reality.

Support & Maintenance

Our support services are focused on ensuring the smooth and reliable upgrades of your system in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Read the latest news on Technology

Read our blog posts to read the latest news on technology to aware yourself with the latest trends.

Our company aims to deliver top-quality services to our clients, with a strong focus on dynamic development solutions. We offer a wide range of services, specializing in ColdFusion, cloud computing, Amazon services, and more. Consulting is an integral part of our service, available when our clients need it. You can trust our skilled experts in technology and domain knowledge to provide the best solutions for your products

We have a dedicated team with exceptional skills that provide web development services, including ColdFusion and MERN Stack development. Our developers are dedicated to working with one client at a time on one or more projects.
We offer seamless models based on our expert knowledge of what works best for our clients. You can choose from a predefined set of services, which saves time and helps you identify your specific needs.

We offer ColdFusion app development services and layout design. We handle the entire project lifecycle, from creation to marketing, all under one roof, delivering software products that exceed expectations.
With a full spectrum of custom software development expertise and flexible engagement models, our dynamic team members, experienced across multiple tech stacks, can assist you in consistently building and maintaining your applications and enterprise systems.