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Fixed Price Projects

We provide all type of services in a reasonable and  affordable prices. All fixed-price web development packages contain responsive web design, professional WordPress development, basic SEO, and other web development services. All you should do is choose the most appropriate package for your business and we will deal it with you accordingly.

What does Fixed Price mean?

A fixed pricing model is a way that guarantees a fixed budget for your new website with an originally agreed set of features and functions. The main difference from the flexible price model is the fixed scope of project tasks that are based on price packages. That is why the fixed price model allows reducing the cost of website building. You can choose the most appropriate package for your business needs. So a fixed price web development is the optimal solution for certain cases.

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Financial Management Celestials Technologies Specializes In

We provide consulting for the successful implementation of one or several integrated financial management solutions:

Financial automation software

Eliminating manual efforts across tasks involved in bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll accounting, financial planning and analysis, revenue management, tax management, investment and financial risk management, and more.

Automated accounting software

Increasing accuracy across multi-entity bookkeeping, invoicing, AP and AR, expense management, multi-location inventory accounting, financial data reconciliation, country-specific financial reporting, and more.

Enterprise accounting software

General ledger capabilities, the management of payables, receivables, taxes and payroll, asset and inventory accounting, automated invoicing and reconciliation, and more.

General ledger software

Aggregating financial transactions across multiple business entities in real time and accurate recording and reporting of multi-entity financial transactions and faster financial close.

Accounts automation software

Automated customer invoicing and real-time receivables tracking. Management of collection procedures to cut DSO and past-due receivables and eliminate manual errors across the order-to-cash cycle.

Automated billing system

Automated invoicing workflow, payment tracking and processing. Streamlined general-purpose and industry-specific (e.g., medical, telecom, transportation) billing. Increased invoicing speed and accuracy and reducing revenue leakage.

Revenue management software

Real-time revenue tracking, advanced revenue analysis, automated revenue recognition according to the up-to-date accounting standards. Ensuring faster revenue close, simplified revenue recognition compliance.

Pricing software

Automated price calculation and updating across selling channels. Ensuring price performance visibility, streamlining price segmentation and discount management. Analytics-based price optimization for maximized profitability.

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